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  • Pinchuk family

    Pinchuk family

    Greetings to you friends in N. Ireland!

    You support us during many years! I express my sincere thanks for your help. This help has a great importance. Thank you very much for your kindness. We are very happy. I am disabled myself and can not work. This help is needed.

    Please send my greeting to all those who remember me and know me.
    Gods blessings to you!!!!!

    Pinchuk family

  • Suvorova family

    Suvorova family

    Greetings to you!!

    Thank you very much for the food you bring to us.

    My husband drinks a lot and he is not always with us. That is mean he does not help us to survive. I have a gob just part time and my salary is little.

    I have a daughter and of course I need to feed her and to help her in this life.

    Thank you for helping me somehow. I do not deserve this but thank God for his mercy to me and my family.

    May God richly bless you!

    With love,

    Suvorova family

  • Tihomirovy family

    Tihomirovy family

    Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ!!

    Thank you so much our dear for your kind hearts for the Glory of God and those who bless us with this help bringing a food parcel every month.

    My husband is disabled and I look after him , so that is why I can not work. We live in the village and without your help would be difficult to survive. We thank God , you and our local church for helping us somehow.

    Our dear Lord never lives us and bless us every day. We thank Him for such big family in Christ and we pray for all of you asking God for blessings upon your lives. We also pray for those who does not know Him as a Saviour.

    Thank you

    (Lyudmila and Andrey)
    Tihomirovy family

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