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Our work inside India continues to develop at a rapid pace. In addition to current exploratory work in one of India’s largest cities, Hyderabad, Drop Inn Ministries continues to work in two different areas of the country.

In the east, we remain dedicated in our support of families and villages devastated by the tsunami, as well as our involvement in both building and supporting a local orphanage there.

In the town of Rayagada, Orissa we are supporting a native missionary couple who run a school and orphanage for both orphans and children from very poor families. The children here are coming from area villages that offer no opportunity for education. The children stay at the orphanage all year round and receive an education, three meals a day and clothing as needed. Because of their faith and willingness to educate native children in a Christian school, the couple we support have endured various forms of persecution and harassment.

Drop Inn also works the Garo Hills in North East India, projects that we are involved include, the House of Mercy Orphanage home to 22 children at present and growing. Telekari school and Esthers House Drop Inn Hostel for teenage girls. The work here also involves looking after the poor in the way of food and medical attenion. Something that is very close to our hearts is the rescue of unwanted babies and abandonded children.

Siliguri, West Bengal

Siliguri is a strategic place geographically. It connects the eight north-eastern states of India with the rest of the country.

Much before the earthquake in Nepal, our contact Reuben move back to India – only this time it would be at the Indo-Nepal border to a city called Siliguri in the state of West Bengal.

Siliguri is a city that shares its border with three nations – Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. Contrast to Kathmandu and much of Nepal’s beautiful Himalayas, mountains, lake, the flora and the fauna and pleasant weather, Siliguri is just the opposite – flat, hot and very humid. However, Reuben and his family discovered this place provides great and easy access and connectivity in reaching out to not only the various language groups and tribes in India but also in continuing to work in Nepal and also in reaching out to Bhutan and Bangladesh.

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