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Maksiuk family

Maksiuk family

Unedited letters from our Project Lifeline recipients. Drop Inn helps the project provide food parcels for some of the poorest communities in Belarus.

Hello my dear friends, my dear brothers and sisters!

I am very thankful to you that you bless me during so many years.

I am Nina and still live with my grown up children. They are addicted to alcohol and sometimes my life is like a nightmare.

They don’t help me with the money and my pension is not enough to provide the food.

I have to pay for the flat and so little left for the food. So, that is why I am so happy for the food parcel I get from you.

I feel sometimes embarrassed but except this as a gift from the Lord.

Thank you my dear for thinking of me and helping me to survive.

All Glory to God!!!

Maksiuk family