Jean Gakwandi and Family

Jean Gakwandi

Rwanda is a beautiful African country that continues to endure the terrible aftermath of the genocide that took place in 1994. In Rwanda, Drop Inn Ministries partners with an organization called Solace Ministries, which was founded by Jean Gakwandi, a survivor who lost many members of his family during the genocide and who, in turn, wished to bring comfort to the many widows and orphans who remained in the area.

Drop Inn Ministries has taken the responsibility of building three centres in different towns in Rwanda where the widows and orphans come for counselling, receive medical treatment and learn new skills so that they can support themselves and their families. One of these centres was opened in September 2009 and is in constant use. The second, an Aids clinic, was completed and opened in the spring of 2011 and serves to help the multitudes of women who were raped during the country’s crisis. The third facility opened in 2012.

Paul Woods

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