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Kenya, along with Burkina Faso, are the focal countries for funds raised in Tin House Coffee.


Drop Inn began working into Kenya around 2010. The capital city of Nairobi is home to a number of large slums, seeing great need (education, food, buildings), Drop Inn teamed up with local pastor Paul Mwangi and his family.

Together they have been running feeding programmes, as well as schemes helping widows get involved in projects that provide them a sustainable income.

We have been working to reach those living in Kawangware, a peri-urban (slum) area, located to the northwest of Nairobi. The majority of the families living there are surviving on less than a pound a day — and that is if they are able to earn an income at all. Despite the fact that this area is primarily considered slum,’ it has the highest cost of living of its surrounding area. Naturally therefore, there are high levels of malnutrition and joblessness, which has resulted in increasing crime levels.


Tin House Coffee was birthed after we met Franseur Makula of Kenya-based charity Jengana, and it has been supporting them through its coffee shops since.

Jengana seeks to reach people living in desperate conditions in the slums of Nairobi, focussing in on children and adults forgotten by their society.

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