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In Cambodia, we support a survivor of the killing fields” during the time of transition in 1975 when Khmer Rouge took over the country.

Thirteen members of our partner’s family were brutally murdered and severely wounded, but he managed escape by hiding under bodies of his deceased family. It was then that he fled to Canada, but soon after, he returned to his home land to offer forgiveness and plant churches and local leaders. Since his return to Cambodia, our partner has met with and ministered to the individuals responsible for the death of his family. Currently, he works tirelessly in Siem Reap with church and community projects to bring Hope, Help and Healing to that recovering nation.

Situated in the southern portion of the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia, Cambodia is rebuilding itself after decades of civil war. The most difficult time the country faced was from 1975 after Vietnamese war extended into the country resulting in the rise of the Khmer Rouge who, having captured Phnom Penh the nation’s capital, succeeded in subduing the whole country under a harsh and brutal régime led by Pol Pot. Within three years it is estimated that over two million Cambodians where murdered, about one third of the population. The era became known as The Killing Fields’ with mass graves or the ashes of the dead scattered over the rice fields of Cambodia. One man who endured this time and who lived to tell his story is Reaksa Him. The only survivor of his entire family, Reaksa found the ability to forgive the killers of thirteen family members. His story is told in two books, The tears of my Soul’ and After the Heavy Rains’.

It was during one of Reaksa’s visits to Northern Ireland that Drop Inn Ministries aware if his work in the very area in which he lost his family. Since that time we have been supporting Reaksa as he helps a hurting people in a hurting country.

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