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Koudougou Guest House

Drop Inn Guest House



  • Dormitory-style rooms with bunk-beds
  • 3 small rooms, ideal for married couples
  • 3 bathrooms with western-style toilet and shower


Water is a luxury in this country, so whilst staying at the Guest House don’t keep taps running unnecessarily and keep showering time to a minimum.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning is available in most rooms, but be mindful when using it: keep doors closed. Electrical supplies are unreliable in the town, so power-cuts to the air-conditioning and other amenities is a common occurrence.

Electricity and WiFi

The Guest House has WiFi in most rooms. Whilst there is an electrical supply, frequent power-cuts in the town occur. It is also a luxury, so remember to switch lights off when leaving a room etc.

Communal area

There is a decent sized dining/​living area which you are free to use at any time. Please keep it tidy and respect the women who help out there.

Lights out

You are free to stay up as long as you want. Please remember though to keep noise to a minimum between 11pm and 7am.