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Etienne Yameogo

Drop Inn Partner, Koudougou, Burkina Faso


Drop Inn has served Etienne for over a decade, working closely with him, so the lives of children and the people of Koudougou, Burkina Faso, can be improved. He’s been involved a wide range of work, including commissioning the building of schools, facilities and colleges as well as pastoring a large church.

In 1986 I felt God calling me to leave Burkina Faso and to be a missionary in Benin a neighbouring country and there I served the Lord, planting churches, teaching in the churches and in the Bible School. I served God in Benin for seven years but there was always a burden for my own people on my heart and knew that one day God was taking me back there. I came back home to Burkina Faso in 1994 and helped in some churches but after 2 years I sensed the need to plant a Church in my home town of Koudougou and in April 14, 1996 I opened an assembly there.

Four years after that in October 2001 I had a chance to go back to England to attend a conference at Oxford University. After the conference and while I was in the United Kingdom I went to Antrim, Northern Ireland to visit my old friends that I knew during my Bible Training in England.

Those friends included Pastor Roy Kerr. When he met me in Antrim in October 2001 Roy Kerr promised to visit me in Africa. It was in January 2003 that he and Leslie Brown along with three other friends visited me in Burkina Faso

In May 2003, five months later, Pastor Roy, Leslie and my brother Ronnie Dawson came back to visit me again in Burkina.

It was at that visit in May 2003 that DROP INN MINISTRIES took a step of faith to help us in our vision for the orphans. Drop Inn Ministries helped us to build a primary school for 150 orphans in that year 2003. After that Drop Inn Ministries is greatly involved in the orphans work in Koudougou Burkina Faso. They help us also in church buildings, support some pastors and widows.

We have now, through the help of Drop Inn Ministries, built three buildings of three class rooms each. We have this year 2010, 432 children in these 9 class rooms with 9 teachers. We feed them every day, take care of their health and give them uniforms every year. We are also right now completing the building another school building in a bush church called Godin.32 kms away from Koudougou.

Our vision is to make these boys and girls God’s kingdom members.

We continue to have great needs: To build a secondary school for these orphans as the secondary school fees are very high here in Burkina Faso.

Our church has also opened a Bible School this year in October 2010 to train our young men in the work of the Lord. But I know that with the help of Drop Inn Ministries and the faithfulness of my God that all the need will be met.


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