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Bob & Debbie Scott

Thailand Harvest Plan

Bob and Debbie Scott are the Co-Founders and National Directors of the THP. Bob Scott acquired a hunger for missions while still attending high school. Even though he had only been out of Iowa a few times, he went on his first mission trip to Costa Rica in 1995. This trip changed Bob’s life forever. Upon returning he knew in his heart he was called to the mission field! After graduating from high school Bob went to Albania with Teen Mania, and two years later he traveled to Kenya as a team leader. Bob knew that he wanted to move overseas but didn’t have any idea where or how. He decided that further training for ministry was necessary, and attended Rhema Bible Training Center and Domata School of Missions, graduating from both in 1998. With training complete and nothing holding him at home, Bob looked to the world to see where God might lead him. 

The Lord led him to visit Thailand, where Rhema Bible Church Bangkok had recently been planted. During that visit God put it on his heart to move there the following year. Bob served at Rhema Church Bangkok as youth pastor for three years, and as an instructor at Rhema Bible Training Center Thailand. While serving at Rhema, Bob attended intensive language school. He successfully passed the Thai government’s language proficiency exam. He reads, writes, and speaks Thai. Being able to preach and mentor in Thai is a great benefit to his ministry. 

Bob met Debbie Klongtruadroke, while she was serving as staff for Domata Bible School Thailand. They were married in February 2003, and Debbie joined Bob as Youth Pastor of Rhema Bible church Bangkok. Debbie is a great partner for Bob’s ministry, because she is of Thai descent, but with a good bit of western culture mixed in! Debbie’s father is Thai, and her mother is Italian. She was born in Italy, moved to Bangkok at age 12, and was educated in American” schools. Debbie is fluent in Thai, English, and Italian. She is a graduate of Domata Bible School Thailand, and attended Rhema Bible Training Center Thailand. Debbie has an exceptional gift for singing and songwriting, which she uses to create much needed worship songs in the Thai language. She has released three Thai worship albums with her band Footprints,’ and a Thai Christian contemporary album as a solo artist. This was followed by an English album Crossover,’ with its full length Spanish version Imagination.’ Her latest release is her Italian album Angolo di uCore,’ after her first prize win at the Sabaoth Music Festival in Milan. When she was younger, Debbie was a well-known model and actress. She now uses this notoriety to share the gospel of Jesus! She co-hosts CBN’s evangelistic TV program Jak Jai Tueng Jai” (From Heart to Heart). It is the Thai version of the 700 Club, and is aired weekly on national television with an average of 1 million viewers. 

In 2005, God led Evangelist John Smithwick to Thailand. Bob and Debbie helped to coordinate the trip for his ministry team. During that week of ministry Bob and John’s hearts were connected and they began talking and developing the Thailand Harvest Plan. The following year the THP was officially Launched! Bob and Debbie pastored the first THP church plant, and under their leadership the church grew and Thai leaders were raised up. Now, there are ten Churches that have been planted through the Thailand Harvest Plan. As National Directors on the ground” in Thailand, Bob and Debbie are busy overseeing these Churches and new pastors as well as mentoring them in their growth and development.