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Reuben and Nepal

February 2017 Newsletter

Neil Dawson
Neil DawsonMinisterial Director

It’s my privilege to highlight Reuben Pradhan, his family and his ministry this month. Before I share some of their story, would you take a couple of minutes to pray for this wonderful family, Reuben, his wife Anugraha and their 5 children — Anna (19), Rhema (17), Mahima (15), Micah (12) and Daniel (8) Pray especially for the health of Reuben and Anugraha.


Reuben and his wife were born in Shillong, Northeast India. They came from a Hindu background before encountering the Lord and then entering full time ministry in 1990. In 2010, they responded to God’s call and moved to Nepal and for 5 years were involved in various ministries including Alpha Course.

2015 Earthquake

In 2015, they were preparing to return to India, and then the terrible earthquake hit Nepal on 25th April. 9000 people lost their lives while many other lost their homes and possessions. 

10 Homes and a Well

Drop Inn were able to get on the ground alongside Reuben, in the weeks that followed this disaster. It has been our joy to partner with Reuben and the local church in supporting families who have lost so much. Initially we were able to provide food, clothing and other necessities for over 100 families, since that initial response we have built 10 homes for the families most affected and we were also able to help with the construction of a well for the local community.Reuben reports that most people were touched by the loving care they experienced from the believers and a good number of them have come to faith now’ Please pray for these families and the church in this nation especially in the Sindhupalchouk District as we seek to continue bringing hope, help and healing to those who are hurting.

Reuben’s work in India 

Reuben is also involved in various ministries in India, and I wanted to encourage your faith with a brief report from a conference he held in a village called Kuchina Jote. How wonderful to be able to write that 30 people gave their lives to Jesus, many were healed of sicknesses instantly and many experienced deliverance from various kinds of bondage. Let me tell you about 3 of them.

One man called Paulus who was known because he was drunk everyday, but during the conference he was set free and still has not had a drink since his encounter with the Lord. Pray for this brother.

Another man who was at the conference needed an aid to help him walk. He had been involved in an accident years previously, he experienced healing and walked unaided for the first time in years!!

A Hindu lady wept her way to Jesus. As she was repenting, she fell under the power of God and when she got up she revealed with great joy that the crippling arthritis in her hands had completely gone!God is so good and He continues to work in different ways in different places and what a joy it is for us to serve Him together.

PSALM 96v3Publish his glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things he does.

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