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Preparing for the Greece Project


For 2017 Drop Inn are planning a year long presence in Greece to serve the refugees. Preparations have begun.

Greece Project Box

Nigel Burrows is currently in Athens and making preparations for the year-long presence. The plan is to have teams in the area to serve refugees arriving in the city, making life more bearable.

Previously Drop Inn has sent out teams every couple of months since the situation made headlines in late 2015. Our workers supplied food, water and activities to people who are stranded. It has become apparent, however, that the situation won’t change any time soon, so there needed to be something more consistent.

Nigel and Drop Inn director Ronnie Dawson made the decision to upscale the project.

It will be named the Greece Project and will have its very own hashtag on Twitter and Facebook: #dropinngreece

This is not just a Drop Inn project, it could also be yours. This article serves to outline the vision behind it. Soon we will release information on how you can be part of it. Stay tuned.

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