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Nigel and Greece

March 2017 Newsletter

Neil Dawson
Neil DawsonMinisterial Director

Drop Inn Prayer Newsletter March 2017

Thank you to those who prayed for my recent visit to see Nigel in Greece.

It was an honour to meet people who are faithfully serving refugees from around the world now living in Athens.

We spent some time with individuals who Nigel has been building friendship with, and hearing stories of the real dangers of following Jesus in the nations they have had to flee from.

The greatest challenge for me came from conversations with local church leaders. The local church in Athens needs our prayers! Bill Hybels has famously said Local church is the Hope of the World’.

My personal conviction is if local church, no matter what nation, is not equipped, encouraged, resourced there will be no longevity to any ministry work.Would you keep on praying for Nigel, our partnerships, and the local church in Greece?

Can you also pray for the team going to Latvia and Belarus this week. The team consists of Ronnie, Brent, John and Trish, (walk​ingfree​.org) and Kelly. Specifically pray

  • Pastors and Leaders Conference in Latvia. 
  • John Edwards as he shares his testimony in churches and rehab centres. 
  • Visits to orphanages.

We would love you to join us in celebrating an addition to the Drop Innfamily! Sarah Grace McBride arrived into our world on 30th March. Pray for David and Nicola, and big brothers Daniel, Joshua and Reuben as they settle into life as a family of 6.

Grateful for you all,Bless youNeil

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