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Community School in Zambia


Our team returned to Zambia in May 2023.

Our team started the trip in the capital city of Lusaka.

In Lusaka Drop Inn Ireland fund a girls home and school. We spent our first morning in Zambia at the school with the children. It was exciting to see the transformation of the building we visited last year now refurbished and operating not just as a home for girls but also as a school for the community.

Teachers making crafts in Shalom SchoolModern transport in rural ZambiaKids and team posing in classroom in ZambiaFront of School for Orphans ZambiaCrowd of kids in school courtyard ZambiaAmy and friend with baby in ZambiaSonke learning with Zambian kidsRonnie chatting to Zambian kids in a classroom

A selection of snaps from the trip. Tap/click on the images to open them in a gallery.
Thanks to Amy and Frances for the pictures!

The school has two classes: a junior class and a senior class. There are currently 76 children attending the school and 14 girls in the home.

This home and school will really benefit the children there. They no longer have to travel far to get to school. For those who live there, they have a safe place to call their home and the opportunity to get an education. When we were there the school had only be open for a few weeks.

They are still working on refurbishing a room for mothers and baby’s as well as an indoor kitchen and dining area.

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