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Band Aid Norn Iron

Aspire NI


Aspire NI have teamed up with some of the biggest celebrities in Northern Ireland to recreate the Band Aid song… all for the children in our community who aren’t getting the education they deserve.

Thousands of children in Northern Ireland are doomed to a poor education and underwhelming prospects, simply because they are born below the poverty line. Aspire NI is dreaming of giving these children a chance and to break out of that circle and realise their full potentials.

They have called on UTV’s Julian Simmons and Pamela Ballantine, Cool FM’s Pete Snodden, Facebook star Rodney, X Factor star Eoghan Quigg, and local music legends Emma Horan, Brian Houston and, of course, Moss Road.

Aspire NI are hoping to raise at least £2000.
Please give to this great cause via Go Fund Me.

Aspire need teachersLink to this section

As well as financial support, Aspire NI are keen on recruiting tutors who are willing to give up a few hours to give children decent teaching. You don’t need to have a degree… if you have A’ Levels, they would love to use you. For more information, visit the Aspire NI website

Instrumentation by SRCmusicdept students
Song Produced by Matt Duke 10man Productions
Video by Andrew Proctor Media
Filmed at 101 Donegall St

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