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Notification of Absence

Our Notification of Absence Policy

You must notify your manager by telephone on the first day of absence at the earliest possible opportunity and not after 9:00 am, except where it is not possible for you to do so. Notification should be made personally by you if you are able. In the event that you are unable to telephone your manager yourself, you may ask a friend or relative to ring your manager on your behalf. Text messages are not an acceptable means of communicating that you will be absent from work.

You are expected to give an indication of how long you expect to be absent from work for and to contact your manager in the event that this changes.

If your period of unfitness for work extends to more than seven days you are required to notify us of your continued incapacity once a week thereafter, unless otherwise agreed.

Failure to give proper notification of the reasons for your absence may lead to your absence being deemed to be unauthorised. Unauthorised absence is categorised in our rules as gross misconduct.

From the Employee’s Handbook of Human Resources Policy.

Absence Request

You must submit your holiday requests two weeks prior to the first day you will be absent.