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If it truly takes a village to raise a child, then what does it take to raise up a village? Or a city, a region, perhaps even a nation?

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We’re currently supporting around 1200 kids in Burkina Faso and Zambia.

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Sponsoring a child is really simple. For just £10 a month*, a child can be fed, clothed and educated.

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*€12, $15 or C$15

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We believe everything begins with relationships; one person connecting with one other person. But we also know that strength, growth and meaningful impact comes from many relationships working together as partners.

Drop Inn already uses a unique operating model. Drop Inn Charity Shops cover our administrative and infrastructure costs. This means that one hundred percent of any financial gift received from individuals or organisations can be directed toward the cause of their choosing.

We believe there is value in allowing many people from all around the world the opportunity to experience the joy and blessing that giving brings. You become part of a village.

This unique idea of sponsoring partnerships means that in a region like Koudougou in Burkina Faso there are now six schools for the AIDS orphans where, just a decade ago, there was none. There is now a medical clinic with an attending physician, and a post-secondary education facility!

Through relationship and partnership that beautiful child, a village, a region and — who knows — an entire nation can be transformed.

Will you join us in a sponsoring partnership today?

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Keep an eye on your Inbox (including your Spam folder).

You will receive your Drop Inn Sponsorship Partner Package which will contain a picture and details of your child you’re sponsoring.

If you would like to meet your child in person, we have trips out to our Sponsorship Projects every year.

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  • At this time children have been enrolled into school already, however sponsorship of a child opens up the funds for further children to be enrolled.
  • Once you have signed up and a donation is given a Child Sponsorship Pack will be emailed to you with a introduction to your sponsor child. Due to UK confidentiality laws, please make sure you check off the box that gives us permission to update you in the future.
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