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Unitary semi-presidential republic President: Jocelerme Privert (Acting) Prime Minister: Enex Jean-Charles
Haitian Gourde £1.00 = HTG84.86*
US Dollar £1.00 = $1.35*

Haiti is statistically the poorest country in the world. The 2010 earthquake wrecked utter devastation on this already-struggling nation, and despite the billions of pounds of aid that flooded into the country, much remains to be done.

Drop Inn Ministries has been working inside Haiti alongside a pastor there for 7 years, but in 2010 recommitted themselves to help Haitians rebuild. It’s a long-term project and has involved huge financial input, but we have succeeded in making a great difference already. Drop Inn has been involved in the rebuilding of numerous homes destroyed in the quake, as well as the orphanage we partner with that also sustained damage.

Haiti Group Photo

Pastor Leslie and his wife, with David McBride and Neville Garland

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