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Response to Refugee Crisis

Video message from director, Ronnie Dawson

Drop Inn wish to respond immediately to the Syrian refugee and migrant crisis. Director of the organisation, Ronnie Dawson sets out the vision in a short 2 minute video.

The shocking and upsetting pictures that have swept through the media showing the plight of migrants and refugees escaping Syria and attempting to find shelter in Europe has shaken the western world to its core. Sitting back and doing nothing is not an option, so it’s important that as an organisation who specialise in providing humanitarian aid to the helpless that we take the time and effort to help those in need.

This video sets out the immediate and short term plan Drop Inn Ministries has to help ease this crisis. If you can help financially towards this, please use the donate button below.


Hello. My name is Ronnie Dawson, director of Drop Inn Ministries.

I’m sure, like me, your heart has been deeply moved by the plight of refugees from Syria as we have seen the pictures of children who have drowned and have been swept up onto the beaches of Turkey.

As a ministry we have been praying for the refugee situation, but upon seeing these pictures, we feel that we have to take some practical action to show compassion and love to these people. So, next week, we plan to send a team to Greece to work with Syrian refugees. Why Greece? Well, Greece is the foremost country bringing refugees in that are coming across from the Mediterranean. And secondly, we already have people on the ground providing food and water for the refugees. So, this time next week, we will have a team there working on the ground, bringing practical love to these people. Please support us and donate if you can as we help these people in their hour of desperate need.

Thank you, and God bless.