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First update from the Team in Greece

Refugee Aid Team in Greece: Day 2

Jason Brown gives a first hand report of what’s happening on the ground in Athens, Greece.

I used to be a HR manager. Now I'm a refugee.

It’s only our second day in Greece and we are starting to understand and see how serious this Refugee Crisis is.

When you walk around parks and see hundreds of refugees lying in shaded areas, just to stay out of the heat, and their kids sleeping with nothing but what they have on is heart breaking. Some of them have no where to go so they just wait… hoping.

There are so many stories to be told. It’s a challenge to try and find a specific need when literally thousands are needing just the basic essentials.

Images from the Refugee Camps in Greece
Photography: Jason Brown & Darren McClatchey, September 2015

We met a family from Syria who traveled in a small rubber boat with their nine-month-old baby and about 40 other people crammed. Their story just seems so surreal. The husband said, “I used to be a human resource manager and now I’m just a refugee”. They’ve had no choice but to escape their country – and leave their jobs, so they can have a chance of survival. A young kid I met could only explain where he had come from by making explosion noises. A sign of the devastation his country has seen.

But progress is being made, as we love and care for these people. Please continue to support us in any way you can. Prayers, finance, encouragement. Doors are opening for us as we work and bring blessing to these extremely needy people.


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