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Refugees temporarily moved off the streets

Refugee Aid Team in Greece: Day 4

This article is over a year old

Unfolding events half way through the mission.

This morning we handed out bread, fruit and water to Afghan refugees. Unfortunately when we arrived, a lot of them had been moved the night before to clear the streets for Golden Dawn leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos. There were a few left and we continued to feed the remaining refugees.

We made connections with some helpful folk who spoke good English and got information of other areas that are needing help. So we travelled to another area with Syrian refugees. We got some food, toiletries and things for the kids and handed them out.

We've made a new friend.

This is the contact we made today who helped us sort clothes for the refugees. Tomorrow we will be distributing more food.

We spoke to a lady who lost her son, Osama, on a boat between Turkey and Lesbos. We are hoping we can raise to profile of him so we can up the chances of finding him.

We are really thankful to the donations. These are so vital so we can continue to supply the needs of these people.

– Katherine

The guys Having fun with the kids.. It's the small and simple things that puts a smile on their faces#refugeecrisis

Posted by Jason Brown on Wednesday, 16 September 2015

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