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Introducing Brick by Brick

Short term and long term plans to help rebuild Nepal

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This article is over a year old

Work has begun in an effort to help Nepalese families, who have been struggling since the earthquake of April 2015, recover and get on their feet. Drop Inn is planning a long term project, and has already begun supplying immediate aid.

The Team in Nepal

Nepal was devastated in April 2015 by a series of earthquakes which flattened thousands homes leaving many people without shelter and food. According to Reuters, the death toll has surpassed 8,500”. Naturally, Drop Inn saw it necessary to respond. Already working in Nepal, we had a number of contacts there and in surrounding countries.

We have begun working with families there to help them rebuild their homes, and their lives. We would encourage you to support us with this project.

Short term

Food delivery
Shortly after the earthquake struck we sent a team, including two from Drop Inn in Northern Ireland and three from our Drop Inn Asia partnering countries. They delivered some 4 tonnes of food to the Sindhupalchok region as well as helping people in Ratna Park – a tent city” in the centre of Kathmandu. Here, there are around 180 tents providing shelter and help to over 2,000 people. There are a number of organisations we have been working with including the Chinese authorities.

Mid term

Building 12 temporary shelters
Nepal is already one of the poorest nations on earth and lack of shelter and supplies means the death toll will continue to rise. There needs to be immediate work and Drop Inn are committing to building a dozen temporary shelters for those who have lost their home.

Destruction and Relief in Nepal

Long term: Introducing Brick by Brick

1012 permanent houses
Over the next year we are hoping to raise enough finances to provide 1012 permanent houses in the Sindhapalchok region.

We have introduced the Brick by Brick” appeal to raise funds. It costs £1 for a brick, and we need around 250,000 (a quarter of a million). You can donate here on the website, or in any of our shops.

Please give generously. Thank you.