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License Conditions for Tin House Coffee (an extension of Drop Inn Ministries)

Terms and Conditions


Obtaining Access

The Hirer can only access the premises when a member of staff is present from:

Anastasija Tel: 07704043946
David Tel: 07783005216

Please ring in advance to arrange. Key must be returned immediately after the event if staff are not required for coffee. 

Please telephone one of the above in case of difficulty.

Conditions of Hire

Please read these instructions. They will help you have an enjoyable event.


The Tin House Coffee Shop reserves the right to terminate or refuse a booking. 

Location of Fire Equipment and Fire Exits

The location of exits and different types of fire equipment are clearly marked in the Store.

Hirers should familiarise themselves with the exact location of the fire exits and the different types of fire extinguishers before THC is used. Fire doors method of opening should be noted and escape routes must be kept clear of obstructions at all times.

In the event of a fire, the shop must be evacuated in an orderly manner using the appropriate exits. The Fire Brigade should be called by dialling 999. Note: there is not landline on the premises.

A First Aid Box and Accident Report book is also located under the counter.

Heating and lights

There is no heating in the shop that needs to be touched. All lights exempt the LED lights on the counter and roof must be turned off. 


THC has no telephone. A Public Phone box is located to the right of the front door. Please bring a fully charged mobile telephone for emergency use. 

Car Parking

Please be aware that parking is not available. Public park at the front of the building is limited. Please inform all guests of suitable locations to park. 

Consideration for others

Please ask THC users to leave quietly at the close of your event. Car doors banging and loud talk in the car park are disturbing to local residents especially late at night.

You may post notices on the notice board provided on the outside of the building but please do not remove existing notices. If you need to put up notices or decorations on the walls, please only use Blutack.


THC must be cleaned after every event otherwise a cleaning charge will be made. Floors should be swept and washed; toilets. kitchen and bar counters to be wiped down, sinks cleaned and all glasses and crockery to be put away. All rubbish to be put in bin bags and removed. 

Please note that the shop will be checked after each event and an additional cleaning charge (min £30) will be made if extra cleaning is necessary

Faults, Damage, Comments

Please report any faults or damage to the bookings organiser as soon as possible so that they can be rectified quickly. The THC welcomes constructive comments or observations as well as any complaints you may have about your experience of hiring the Venue. 

None of the provisions of this agreement is intended to or will operate to confer any benefit pursuant to the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 on a person who is not named a party to this agreement.

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