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Child Protection Policy Guide


This page is an overview of the key points of the Grace Community Church Child Protection Policy.

The whole child protection policy is vitally important when volunteering with children in any capacity at Grace Community Church. Below are the key points to remember in when volunteering in ROCK and ROCK Tots.

  • 1 Adult is required for every 8 children ages 3 – 7
  • 1 adult for every 4 children for ages 2 – 3.
  • The mains doors must be kept locked to ensure the children’s safety.
  • If children need to go to the toilet leaders should wait outside the door. Never do anything for a child that they are capable of doing for themselves. If a child has an accident parents should be called to change their child.
  • Volunteers should not take photographs of children on their mobile phones.
  • When praying for the With the children ensure that you have asked the child’s permission to be specifically prayer for. Pray in an open space with other children’s and leaders around. When praying for the children it is best to sit down with them.

Types of abuse to be aware of:

Physical:The deliberate physical injury to a child or the wilful or neglectful failure to prevent physical injury or suffering.

Emotional:where a child is persistently or severely emotionally neglected or rejected.

Sexual:where a child is encouraged or forced to observe or participate in and form of sexual activity.

Neglect- where a child’s physical and/​or psychological needs are persistently or severely neglected or the failure to protect a child from exposure to any kind of danger.

Domestic:where a child witnesses or is harmed through domestic abuses.

There is a full list of the signs and symptoms of each of there types of abuse in the child protection policy. 

Reporting concerns/​disclosures

If you suspect a child is being abused you must report it immediately to the person your team leader or the Child Protection Officer (Julie Liggett) or the Deputy Child Protect Officer (Judith Dawson). Record any concerns, disclosures or actions taken in writing as detailed as you can and as quickly as you can.

At Grace Community Church, we are so thankful for anyone who volunteers to serve the church and the children who attended as we try to share and teach them about the Gospel of Jesus. By agreeing to be a volunteer in our church we are expecting each person to conduct themselves in the following was.

  1. To have a personal relationship with Jesus, recognising that all we do is for Him and and flows out of our encounters with Him.
  2. To live a life which honours Jesus and suitable represents Him.
  3. To love and honour the people which you serve and lead each week.
  4. To live a self-controlled life, particularly with regards to alcohol, illegal substances and sexual immorality.
  5. To ensure that all usage of social media or online forums is responsible and Christ-like.
  6. To refrain from any sectarian or racist behaviour or dialogue.
  7. To follow the policies and procedures given by each individual ministry.
  8. To attend any training or whole team meetings organised within each area of the ministry.
  9. To follow the church Calendar of team responsibilities and to take personal responsibility to turn up each time that you are scheduled to serve.
  10. If you are not available to serve on a week you are scheduled to be on it is your personal responsibility to get someone to cover your duties or to swap with someone.

The Church Leaders may prayerfully consider asking an individual to step aside from serving in Grace Community Church, if they feel that they are deliberately choosing to break this code of conduct in any way.

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