Burkina Faso Children’s Camp

Summer 2019

An amazing opportunity to experience a different culture and to get involved in children’s ministry.

This trip is an amazing opportunity to experience a different culture and to get involved in children’s ministry. It’s a chance to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. It’s sure to be a great trip which will challenge your outlook on life.

This trip is for you if:

  • You enjoy entertaining kids
  • You’re not precious about life’s luxuries: air-condition, electric, WiFi etc.
  • You’re not fussy regarding food
  • You’re up for a challenge

Deposit of £400 secures your place.

3 years ago my heart was stolen in the most beautiful way possible.

Kolton (Burkina Faso Team Member)


Burkina Faso

Currency: CFA Franc
Required protection: Yellow Fever
Recommended protection: Hepatitis A & B Polio Typhoid Malaria Rabies

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An amazing opportunity to experience a different culture and to get involved in children's ministry.

Koudougou Guest House true
  • Drop Inn Guest House


    Koudougou Guest House


    • Dormitory-style rooms with bunk-beds
    • 3 small rooms, ideal for married couples
    • 3 bathrooms with western-style toilet and shower


    Water is a luxury in this country, so whilst staying at the Guest House don’t keep taps running unnecessarily and keep showering time to a minimum.

    Air conditioning

    Air conditioning is available in most rooms, but be mindful when using it: keep doors closed. Electrical supplies are unreliable in the town, so power-cuts to the air-conditioning and other amenities is a common occurrence.

    Electricity and WiFi

    The Guest House has WiFi in most rooms. Whilst there is an electrical supply, frequent power-cuts in the town occur. It is also a luxury, so remember to switch lights off when leaving a room etc.

    Communal area

    There is a decent sized dining/living area which you are free to use at any time. Please keep it tidy and respect the women who help out there.

    Lights out

    You are free to stay up as long as you want. Please remember though to keep noise to a minimum between 11pm and 7am.

  • Travel Information


    To travel with us you will require a passport valid for 6 months after the return date. Individuals without a valid passport should apply for one at their earliest convenience.

    Useful sites: Passports on GOV.UK, DFE (Ireland) Passport


    We require you to have adequate Travel Insurance if you’re travelling with us. Make sure you have the appropriate insurance for your destination.

    Useful sites: Insure and Go, Money Supermarket