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Brick by Brick

Rebuilding Nepal


Already one of the poorest nations on earth, Nepal has been devastated by a series of earthquakes in April 2015 and desperately needs your help to rebuild homes and lives.

Over the next year we are hoping to raise enough finances to provide 10 – 12 permanent houses in the Sindhupalchok region. You can help us by Buying a Brick.

Why Bricks?

A large part of the devastation was down to poorly built structure: many houses were simply wood and corrugated iron. The buildings that withstood the quake were solid concrete and brick. People in the region can afford more reassurance in future tremors if they are living in solid buildings.

How it works

Whatever is donated, we can use to supply bricks and building material to construct these new houses.

The Goal

The hope is we can build 10 – 12 houses for the most affected. That’s roughly 250,000 bricks.

Progress so Far