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Jason’s Diary

Part 1: Pridnestrovie

Drop Inn’s Jason Brown has set off on a year of travelling, visiting and serving. His round-the-world adventure begins in Pridnestrovie. Follow him as his journey unfolds.

​Monday 19 October 2015

Jason and Vitalik

I have arrived safely in Pridnestrovie.

It has been a great two days. Yesterday I visited Sergey’s church and told my story and the story of Drop Inn. It was a great experience. Today I took a tour round the town to see the local sites.

​Tuesday 20 October

This building will be the new rehab centre in Pridnestrovie. It hasn’t been used in about 3 years so there’s a lot of work that needs done to get this place ready for opening. It needs new windows, floors, a new stair case and a whole revamp inside and out.

There’s an opportunity to help here practically and financially, so if that’s you, then please get in touch.

Vitalik Zinkovich asking for help

Posted by Jason Brown on Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Vitalik's call for your assistance.


I visited a few families over the past two nights giving them food hampers. The stories they tell us are crazy and the condition these families are living in is something you couldn’t imagine. We are blessing them with some food. This is a huge deal here.

​Wednesday 21 October


Today we visited a boarding school. I wasn’t allowed to speak English as foreigners aren’t allowed into the school without police permission also I was told there is elections on so to be careful as the KGB are about, so I’m now giving Russian a go – that was exciting! The school has to wait years to receive anything from the government (if they are lucky) and it’s expensive. They desperately needed a water boiler and pump and some irons. We were able to buy these things yesterday and bless the school and the kids.

​Thursday 22 October


Here are another couple of families we were able to support with food. A lot of these families have no means of transport to church as they would love to go. A young guy said I’d love to go to church if he could get a lift. They are all so open to be helped.

Saturday 24 October

We spent the day with a team helping us clean up the rest of the yard around the rehab centre. Was a day of fun food and fellowship and even met a couple of guys who spoke English which was nice. Tomorrow I will be singing at 3 services and sharing about my recent trip to Greece.

Sunday 25 October

Sergey, Vitalik and Jason

These are Two great guys that have been a blessing to me since I’ve got here. I’m really fighting with myself cause I feel that I’m supposed to stay but tickets are booked for Wednesday. Please pray for me to make the right decision.

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    Pridnestrovie (or Transnistria) is a small, highly-unrecognized country sandwiched between Ukraine and Moldova.