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Pour-over Coffee

We perform a number of pour-over filter coffee techniques

Available blends

  • Honduras (Sierra de Agalta)
    Nutty/almond notes. Medium body.
  • Tanzania (North Oldeani Estate)
    Silky smooth with creamy-mouth feel. Honey and syrup notes throughout
  • Sumatra (Mandheling Takengon Grade 1 - Triple Pick)
    Full-bodied and really bold initially. Summer-ripe tomatoes come though as it cools. Sweet and juicy throughout.
  • Kenya (Kairu AA Top)
    Deep-dried fruit notes. Full bodied. Sweet and juicy berries.
  • Burundi (Rohkaffee - AA)
    Green apple! Tangy, sour notes, but not unpleasant. Full-bodied.
  • Ethiopia (Bebeka Natural Geisha)
    Blueberries. Smooth and rich. Really sweet when it cools.
  • Guatemala (Flor del Rosano)
    Fruity thoughout with hindt of summer berries. Floral finish. Medium body.